Natural Citrus Products Corporation (NCPC) was organized in 2007 to implement and commercialize 30 years of research and development of unique technologies associated with the processing of fruits, vegetables and other organic biomass. The valuable extracts developed by NCPC’s technologies have immediate commercial value in a variety of identified industries. Additionally, the NCPC patented process enhances the environment by reducing and/or eliminating toxic pollutants associated with citrus peel mitigation, making it the only "green" citrus peel process.

Prior to the introduction of the NCPC process, conventional methods of eliminating plant biomass by-products (particularly citrus peel) involved burning or landfill dumping which are extremely harmful to the environment. Additional processes have been introduced, such as cattle feed peel pellets, which are more costly to produce than their commercial resale value.

NCPC has perfected a method to extract over five valuable food grade components from the discarded citrus “peel” material. Specifically:

Until the introduction of NCPC’s new citrus peel recovery technology, no process existed to cost-effectively and efficiently remove the highly valuable residual by-products which remained in the discarded citrus peel.

What Independent Experts are Saying About CitraFiberTM

“This (CitraFiber) is a major finding…the increased dough and bread weight indicate increased bread yield and therefore increase profit for the baker.” (2009)

Dr. Rebecca Miller
Ph.D., Director, Kansas Wheat Quality Lab, Department of Grain Science. Kansas State University.